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Annals of Anime: What Makes Keroro Gunso Go

posted Aug 16, 2012, 10:45 PM by Douglas Sun
Originally posted: May 26, 2009

I was doing some pre-trip cleaning today when I unearthed something that had lain hidden and forgotten (a quite common occurrence when I clean): the instruction sheet to the Keroro Gunso talking plush toy that I bought from a vendor at Frank & Son several years ago. I scanned the top half of the sheet, and I hope that a quick study will tell you why I chose to save it, even though it’s all in Japanese and I can’t read it:

Yes, in order to insert the battery, you have to open a hatch in his bottom. I have always found it funny in a disturbing sort of way that in order to make the toy work, you have to shove a battery up Sergeant Frog’s ass.

In other news, Pat Brunet called me this afternoon to report that Power Anime is having a store-closing sale at its brick-and-mortar location in Westside Pavilion. Their website seems to be blazing with activity, however, so I’m making an educated guess that they’re closing the meatspace storefront to concentrate entirely on web sales rather than going out of business all together. Even so, it’s probably worth a look for you otaku in West Los Angeles — some good bargains to be had, maybe.