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D&D is Old School and Proud of It

posted Aug 30, 2012, 12:23 AM by Douglas Sun
Originally posted: September 11, 2009

This just floated into my Inbox, via John Zinser:

Unfortunately, I can’t enlarge it any more before it starts to pixilate. I don’t know where John found it, but evidently it’s an ad of a recent vintage.

It’s hard to make out the small text at the res at which it was sent out, but it reads:

"He didn't bitch about server lag. Your dad put on his ears and his green boots and didn't care who saw. He rolled to feel up his elf girlfriend after kicking Acererak's ass in the Tomb of Horrors. He set his classmates on edge. He was a nerd before it was cool. And he didn't give two shits what comic books Megan Fox reads."

My higher-brain-function reaction is to wonder that WotC (assuming that it’s their ad) is trying to pitch Dungeons & Dragons to a young audience by defiantly characterizing it as something old school, something that your Dad thought was cool. 

Is that line of thinking on the right track? Well, those of us who played back in the day did so in spite of what our peers thought of us, not because of it. Being nerds made us different. So perhaps there is logic here: This ad targets an age group that tends to shun what their parents liked. So if you like (or at least affect to like) what your parents liked, that makes you a non-conformist, yes? Crafty.

In any event, that was my cerebral reaction. My gut-level reaction: “Damn straight. WoW is for bitches; a real gamer carries around the PHB.” Truly.