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L5R: Death at Koten GN Will Be In the House Soon...

posted Aug 7, 2012, 11:42 PM by Douglas Sun
Originally posted: March 28, 2009

AEG just announced that the first Legend of the Five Rings graphic novel, Death at Koten, is now available for pre-order and will hit the shelves next month. Ideally, it really ought to have been published last year, when the events it describes were current with the ongoing storyline, but, well, that’s how things go sometimes in the game industry. I know it’s been kicking around AEG’s internal correspondence for a while, and with much anticipation, and I’m glad it’s finally ready.

Having seen a galley proof, I can say with certainty that Death at Koten will be a wonderful product for the L5R faithful. The action sequences are splendidly executed, and the dialogue and story feature some fine work by my colleague Shawn Carman. The direct-to-player CCG set that you get if you pre-order through the L5R website seals the deal; I’ve never seen CCG products quite as expansively luxurious as AEG’s L5R direct-to-player sets. 

Plus, Hida Kisada fans will get to see the old man go out in fine style, kicking ass until the very end as a Crab hero should.

I hope that Death at Koten will not be the last L5R GN, and that those that follow will aim at capturing a broader audience, so as to bring new fans to the franchise. I’ll be one of the first to admit that Legend of the Five Rings is a niche within a niche hobby, but its setting is a truly remarkable creation. Rokugan is, as my friend Matt Colville once put it, the coolest roleplaying game setting ever. And if my three years as the RPG Line Developer have taught me anything, it is that L5R deserves a wider audience than it has, just because it is so compelling.

Now, if AEG can only get that Art of War boardgame out the door....