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No, I Didn’t Go to E3 This Year...

posted Aug 16, 2012, 10:48 PM by Douglas Sun
Originally posted: June 5, 2009

... Unless you count having lunch at L. A. Live with Kimberly Unger, who did come down for the day on Wednesday. As with so much of our plotting and scheming these days, Kim does the actual work so I don’t have to. She tromped through the South Hall and checked out the exhibits and took meetings; I lunched on crab cakes and spinach and listened to her tell me about it.

When I formally rejoin the digital game industry (more on that as developments warrant), I expect that I will go to E3 again, and GDC as well. And I suppose I could have gone this year, as I had learned through Kim that E3 suddenly decided that this business of limiting attendance to a super-secret elite group within the industry wasn’t quite working out, and that they were opening it up again.

But memories of that leaden feeling in the legs and back that sets in after you’ve been tramping over the concrete floors of the Los Angeles Convention Center, and of the sensory overload that beats on you from the moment you set foot in one of the big exhibit halls, are still fresh. I don’t know if it was age or ennui, but it seemed that every year exhaustion set in a little more quickly. Eventually, I was going to reach the point where I would go straight from badge pick-up to being one of those poor stroked-out souls sprawled in the lounge or sitting against the wall, eyes closed. As much as I look forward to having compelling professional reasons to attend again, I don’t really miss it.

I did, however, attend ConSim World Expo 2009 from start to finish, and I will post about that — complete with crappy iPhone pics — soon.

On my way home from the Convention Center, I got off the Red Line at the Civic Center and walked over to Kinokuniya, just because I was in the neighborhood. Found several copies of what appears to be the Speedycake remix of “Caramelldansen” in the music CD section, and several Haruhi Suzumiya artbooks, at least one of which had cover art that looked a little off-model. Eesh.