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Not an Otaku After All

posted Sep 21, 2012, 1:27 AM by Douglas Sun
Originally posted: November 4, 2009

It wasn’t so long ago that my disposable income generally consisted of whatever came out of rubbing two nickels together to try to get them to reproduce. During this period of my life, I would often wander around Frank & Son wondering just what I would do if ever I could walk the aisles with a good-sized wad of cash that I could spend without suffering for it afterward.

Well, I went to F&S today to get some card boxes; it was my first time back since receiving a windfall from the sale of some real estate, and it was no big deal to stuff an extra couple of hundred dollars in my pocket, secure in the knowledge that I could buy anything that caught my fancy without feeling that I’d regret it when next month’s bills came due. In fact, given that the anime goods vendors there tend to price their stuff to move, I could probably have gone at least half-crazy without subsequent regrets.

And yet, and yet... faced with the opportunity to pick up some appealing PVC figs at a very reasonable price, I just could not pull the trigger. These Lucky Star Nendoroids were priced at $37 each, which is about what you would pay for them on eBay, and without having to add shipping and sales tax like you if buying on eBay (in fact, I know that these guys sell online, as well as at F&S). But even after I’d paced the entire warehouse trying to convince myself to part with the money, I still couldn’t bring myself to pull a $50 bill out of my wallet to cover it. Sorry, Tsukasa — or

Tsukasa Hiragi (l.) and Miyuki Takara Nendoroid figs, on display at one of the vendors at Frank & Son. I have to admit, the short, chibi-fied Nendoroid look doesn’t really do justice to Miyuki, who is supposed to be tall and rather elegant. But the point is that I could have bought both, and I’m not sure why I didn’t.

would I have gotten Miyuki? I didn’t even get that far in my decision-making process.

Is thrift and self-restraint such a hard habit to break? Or am I weak in the otaku spirit? What is wrong with me? Or does that mean that actually, there’s nothing wrong with me?