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Old News? Randall Reed and the History of Wargaming

posted Aug 8, 2012, 11:51 PM by Douglas Sun
Originally posted: April 19, 2009

Over on Jim Dunnigan’s indispensable Strategypage site, I found a notice that Randall C. Reed, animating genius of Avalon Hill in its glory days and a fit subject of history himself just as much as he is a fit author of it, was requesting photos of wargaming VIPs from about 1960-80 for a project on the history of wargaming. Sounded intriguing, and I thought to spread word of it through this here blog.

But then I noticed that there was no date on the article. I checked the article’s link to the Strategypage forums, and it suggests that the bleg is over a year old, as the date on the empty forum thread is 2/13/08.

So I’ll put out a bleg of my own: Does anyone know if anything has become of Randall Reed’s project? I’d be interested in seeing it.