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Weird Fame and Wikipedia

posted Nov 5, 2012, 12:25 AM by Douglas Sun
Originally posted: December 6, 2009

Having written recently about using Google to track the amount of attention that I’m getting, I gratefully tip my hat to Mike Lam for discovering that I’m now on Wikipedia— sort of. Just check this out and scroll down a bit until you get to the photo that’s flush right. It’s from ConsimWorld Expo 2009, and that’s the group with which I waded through one day and change of The Three Days of Gettysburg, an experience I described at greater length here. That’s me on the far right — and moving to the left, Rob Vaughn, Tom Kaufman, Mike McClellan and Rob Mull.

The thing is, the article with which it goes has absolutely nothing to do with 3DoG, or the Battle of Gettysburg, or any of us who are actually in the picture, and only the slightest, most tenuous connection to board wargaming. The only thing I can figure is that the author (or one of the authors) of the article must have taken a picture of our game at CSW; but a bunch of people besides myself did so, and I can’t remember all of them.

So I’m in Wikipedia. But in a photo, not the text of an article — and I’m not identified by name, and the photo actually has only a peripheral relationship to the subject of the article.... Even so, it’s something, I guess.