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Well, Google Me!

posted Nov 2, 2012, 5:49 PM by Douglas Sun

Originally posted: November 21, 2009

O Google, granter of cred and salve to petty egos, speak!

Practically from the moment I started this blog, I’ve tried tracking how much exposure it’s getting by checking in with Google’s webmaster tools. Finally, after eight months of blogging (and submitting my sitemap and tinkering with my metatags, yadda yadda), I’m starting to get some intriguing results — within the last six weeks, it seems that one of my pages has shown up in four different searches. That’s not too shabby, considering that my blogging has been sporadic for a while... and that my readership is basically limited to a small circle of people who know me personally.

What interests me most about this data point, though, is that three of the four appearances can be credited to my posts on last season’s LA Opera production of Die Walkure (here and here). And one of those appearances happened because — like the person doing the search — I misspelled the last name of Jim Svejda, movie critic and dean of classical music radio in Southern California, when I cited him at the end of one of those posts. Who would have known that ‘Hundig’ would turn out to be such an important keyword for me? Actually, Google tells me that ‘Ring’ is my most important keyword, but same difference. 

What has me just as quizzical is the fact that only one gaming-related search turned up one of my pages (and Google tells me that ‘gaming’ is my second most-important keyword). I have only a few posts about opera, and dozens about some form of gaming or another. Is there so much more Intarweb activity about gaming (relative to activity about opera, that is) that I get lost in the shuffle with regard to one, and not with regard to the other?