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Here's a list of my published works — only partial at the moment, since I'm going to start only with books that are currently available through Amazon or DriveThru RPG. If you buy one of my books through these links, I get to double-dip!

Alas, it does not include any of the work that I did for Decipher's The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, which includes some of the RPG work of which I am the proudest. Paths of the Wise was only published in PDF format, and it is no longer available through DTRPG. The quick-start adventure was a promotional product only. Some of it was simply never published.

Gerade Aus. A companion novel to "Agiliste," Bushi-go's debut mobile game.

"It's Bigfoot, Baby." A short story set in the Agiliste universe, decidedly lighter in tone than Gerade Aus.