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AEG d20 Topics







Adventures II. As their d20 Topics product line neared its end, AEG compiled some of their d20 mini-adventure modules into two anthologies. The second one has two that I wrote, "The Caravan City of Azul" and "Gottheit."

Miscellaneous d20
The Wreck of the Venerable Drake. An AEG mini-adventure model that marks — IIRC — my debut as a professional roleplaying game writer.

River of Blood

Liber Bestarius

Fields of Blood. If there is a d20 book that does a more satisfying job of integrating strategic and tactical military considerations into D&D 3rd Edition, I have never seen it. Matt Colville did some remarkable work in this book, and I am still pleased that I got to be part of it.

The World's Largest City. This book never got the attention that I think it deserved, perhaps because it came out at the tail end of the d20 boom and the market was so glutted that it needed some Pepto-Bismol more than it needed more third-party D&D 3E product. It also had the misfortune of being published in the shadow of Monte Cook's Ptolus product line — which, interestingly enough, also featured a great city built around a massive feature called The Spire.