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Adventure Time: People Who Use The Internet Are Gross, Man

posted Aug 13, 2012, 2:20 AM by Douglas Sun

I've always been endlessly fascinated by the feedback that I get from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. No practical reason, really. I just find it interesting to see how what I post is interacting with the outside world.

I recall being somewhat bemused that none of my posts about gaming ever seemed to get many impressions, much less clicks. I also recall that one of my posts on LA Opera's recent staging of The Ring of the Nibelung got picked up in search because I misspelled Hunding as "Hundig," thus placing it high on the list for people who searching for Hundig, whatever that is.

A year or so and a new blog home later, and I'm indexed all over again. This time, my archived post about Gallery Nucleus' "Adventure Time With Finn & Jake" exhibition seems to be drawing a lot of attention. I wouldn't be surprised if the photos I posted — of the life-sized Princess Bubble Gum and Marceline that I found so attractive for their forthrightness and simplicity — are showing up in Google Images, hence all of the impressions.

But what search terms are people punching in to get to my humble post? "princess bubblegum sex." "finn and marceline sex." "finn and princess bubblegum sex." "princess bubblegum and finn sex." And, of course, "marceline and princess bubblegum sex."

To paraphrase the immortal words of Ren Hoek: You sick little monkeys!

BTW, Nucleus is having another "Adventure Time" show, opening August 18. It appears to be an exhibit of tribute art, not production art. I will be surprised, however, if any of the pieces show any of those three characters having sex — in any combination. Or with Jake, for that matter.