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Hanging My Shingle on a New Door

posted Aug 2, 2012, 5:16 PM by Douglas Sun

Posted: August 2, 2012

"I Think We've Been Playing It Wrong…" is back! Same name, same old goober writing it, but at a different home — Google Sites — and a new address. Bookmark it and plug it into your RSS feed, because I intend to stay here for a while — at least, for longer than I was at my previous location.

As to why I stopped blogging for so long that it seems appropriate to offer some kind of explanation now that I'm starting again, it was, let us say, a multi-step process. My last post dates from six weeks before GenCon 2011, after which I started laboring over the talk on anime and gaming that I was to give at the convention. After GenCon, I'm sure I let things slide as part of the process of recovering from the entire summer convention season.

And then, at some point, Apple announced that it would fold up its Mobile Me service — my blog host — and that web sites would not be ported over to its successor, iCloud. At this point, blogging moved well down on my list of priorities. Until I found a new host, there was no point in adding more material to the blog. It felt like buying more furniture just before your lease expired — you're just going to have to move it anyway. Unfortunately, finding a new host also fell on my list of priorities, as I got used to re-purposing the time that I used to spend blogging, working instead on Bushi-go matters (including an Agiliste short story that should be published soon), a novel, and fiddling around on Facebook. A lot of stuff that I would have put in my blog got a quick blurb on my Facebook wall instead. So let's blame Facebook, too. Why not, since it gets blame for just about everything else?

The impending demise of Mobile Me was just a rationalization, of course. I had the entire contents of the site stored locally, in an iWeb archive, and theoretically, I could have just ported it to a new host by ftp. I was being lazy.

However, it turns out that laziness worked out for the best (for once). Google Sites, although it looks like a good hosting option in a lot of other ways, does not accept ftp transfer. Everything has to be laid in by hand through their editor, whether you're creating new content or you just want to transfer existing pages. Adding new entries after Apple axed Mobile Me would, indeed, have created more work for me when it came time to actually move the blog to its new home. Hurray for sloth!

I intend to make "I Think We've Been Playing It Wrong…" a more thorough-going site than what I had on Mobile Me, with year-by-year archives to make old posts easier to navigate, and a bibliography that includes links to Amazon and DriveThru RPG (and eventually, other places where you can buy stuff that I've worked on). In time, I hope that it will become more of an author/designer's website, with the blog being the centerpiece, but at the same time one of a variety of components.

But first, I have to finish moving, so please bear with me until everything is in place. The sidebar links from the old site are in place. I reactivated my Amazon Affiliate account, and I have added a DriveThru RPG Affiliate link as well — so enter those sites through my link and buy stuff! Buy lots and lots of stuff! I'll keep adding new posts for your entertainment and edification. 

But it will take a bit of doing to complete the archives. I have to copy and paste all of the old entries, one-by-one, by hand. Photos separate from the text, one-by-one (Dear Lord, the Anime Expo posts are going to be a bear!). Then adjust the formatting. Then check the external links and fix as necessary. Then, when all of that is done, I still have to go through every post and fix all of the internal links.

Yeah. It's like that.

Looking back on it, I have no idea why I felt it necessary to link to older posts so often.

I have already checked/fixed the YouTube links in all of the 2011 posts, and they will be part of the scroll of current posts until the end of this year. So you can easily see where I left off blogging last year. And we'll just pretend that I was away, having an out-of-body-experience, from July 2011 to July 2012.