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Kickstarter: If I Were a Rich Game Designer

posted Dec 7, 2016, 11:55 PM by Douglas Sun
With apologies to Sheldon Harnick, of course, because with a very few notable exceptions, there is no such thing as a rich game designer. If I had money to burn, I wouldn't be dunning old friends and complete strangers alike on Kickstarter, I can tell you. But I am also a player and a collector, so studying the Tabletop Games sub-category is also like catalogue shopping for things I can't really afford just now. But in the interest of doing what I can, I thought I'd share a few current campaigns that caught my eye and spread the word.

This campaign by Postworld Games (which is run by my old boss jim pinto) has been sitting one row below my campaign in Kickstarter's default display since I launched Places by the Way. It has about a week left to run, so it will expire before I can collect from my backers.  It appears to be a potpourri of some designs jim pulled off the shelf. But I can assure you that jim knows his craft — he was my line developer when I worked on AEG's d20 products back in the day — so even his odds and ends are bound to be interesting.

Mark H. Walker's current campaign is very nearly over, but it's the most promising project for warmers on Kickstarter right now. I met Mark at Origins — a friendly fellow, and he looks kind of like one of my favorite professors from graduate school — and his A World at War system is one of the most enjoyable tactical-level NATO vs. Warsaw Pact thought experiments I've ever played. I lost track of his career since he sold Lock 'n Load Publishing, so I hate to miss this chance to catch up.

I have a thing for wooden dice towers, so this campaign caught my eye. To me, there is nothing as satisfying as the clatter of plastic dice against wood on the way down. I have a cherry wood tower that I bought from an artisan on eBay some years ago, and it's my constant gaming companion. In all honesty, these towers don't look quite as elegant. But I'd still spring for one uf I could spare General Grant until payday.

And then there is this RPG out of Sweden. I know nothing about the gaming scene in Sweden. I have no idea who is working on this project, am not familiar with the artist who inspired them. But those visuals look gorgeous, don't they? And any campaign that can raise over $200,000 for a tabletop RPG with a week left to go just has it going on, no matter how you look at it. Fascinating.