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Of Pikachu Heads and Nyan-ta

posted Jul 9, 2016, 2:49 AM by Douglas Sun
Last weekend, I got a bit of a rise on my Facebook feed when I posted a couple of photos from Anime Expo of these ornaments from the Loot Crate booth:

Pikachu heads on human bodies? See? This is what Mary Shelley warned us about, people!

The fact that I got the timing and angle just right to catch the gentleman at the table sticking his arm out of the lady mannequin's shoulder was just a serendipitous, surreal, double-extra golden bonus. 

There was something kind of creepy about that little Pikachu hat-head on top of that long human body. But I have to say that it seemed less creepy than it would have had I not been binge-watchibg the anime series "Log Horizon" that weekend when I wasn't at the con:

Nyan-ta is one of my very favorite characters from "Log Horizon"'s broad and varied supporting cast. But there was something faintly unsettling about his furry little cat head atop his elongated human body, that I wasn't sure at first whether he was supposed to be a good guy or a bad guy.