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Places by the Way Open House: A Piece of Sylvanhome Real Estate

posted Apr 11, 2018, 5:01 PM by Douglas Sun
Our current Kickstarter campaign, which pre-sells Places by the Way #5: The Dwarven Smith's Tome, drew the attention of a potential backer who asked for a preview of previous work. It's an entirely reasonable request, but I have to admit that what we have on hand is... not great. Our auto-generated previews on DTRPG and DMs Guild are pretty much pro forma — they just grab from the default-selected pages and show little more than publication info, table of contents and maybe a page or two of introduction.

I made a gesture toward correcting that when I posted the first draft of location #9 in Places by the Way #4: Sylvanhome in an update to the Kickstarter campaign for that module. It linked to this blog post. However, from where we stand right now, that, too, seems inadequate. The Luvans' workshop didn't change that much from then to the final version, but it did have some holes that I had to fill in before it was ready for the waiting public.

So, to provide a more adequate response to someone who found Places by the Way on Kickstarter (and anyone else who is interested), here is the final, published version of location #9 from Sylvahnhome: