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Self-Promotion: Bushi-go is Bursting Out All Over!

posted Aug 16, 2012, 9:53 PM by Douglas Sun

I'm still compiling the archives from my first two years of blogging — man, I wrote a lot in that first year! Ah, to be that young and ambitious again!

But I did want to get in a bit of bragging about how the game is now well and truly afoot for Bushi-go: After soft-launching "The Agiliste" on iOS last year, we spent  rather a long time — much longer than we'd wanted to take — refining the game, incorporating extra content and in-game purchasing, and publishing an Android version. Now, all of things have come to pass, and the current version of Episode 1 is available in an app store near you. Now that we've got all of that straightened out, we hope to have Episodes 2-6 available in much shorter order.

In addition, we have just published my new short story set in the Agiliste universe, "It's Bigfoot, Baby." It's available as an ebook through Smashwords and Amazon's Kindle store (for the latter, just follow the link in my Bibliography). It's free for a limited time; once we feel like we've had enough of that biz, the price is going back up to 99 cents.