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Self-Promotion GenCon Style, And a Couple of Blegs

posted Jul 30, 2012, 10:18 PM by Douglas Sun
Originally posted: June 20, 2011

Time for blogging has been scarce this month (as you can tell by the dates of posts on the home page, I suppose), so I’m a couple of weeks late in mentioning that GenCon accepted my proposal to give a talk on gaming and anime. Minor details such as date, time and place have yet to be worked out, but what counts is that we know that it will take place some time during GenCon, in an official GenCon venue.

The talk is entitled, “Wandering in Translation: Bringing Games to Anime Fans, And Vice-Versa.” Basically, my plan is to talk for a half-hour or so on a topic that I have come to understand fairly well, having worked on roleplaying games based on Dune, Star Trek and The Lord of the Rings — making games based on licensed IPs, mixing my experience with my knowledge of anime and games based on anime and anime licenses (including Big Eyes, Small Mouth). Very few people know this, but I also designed a card game inspired by Ranma 1/2, but which I set aside for various reasons. So I’ve walked enough of the walk over the years that I think I can speak with some authority. I’d like to punctuate the talk with visuals in some sort of presentation in Keynote, or if not Keynote, then I’ll just have to get a copy of PowerPoint.

The thing is, having submitted my proposal and gotten it accepted, I now find myself in the position of the dog who caught up with the car: I have never put together and given a PowerPoint presentation, or anything remotely like a PowerPoint presentation. I suppose I could do without it, but it seems like you need one these days to look authoritative and professional. And I want to do this up properly. How hard is it to put together a presentation (preferably in Keynote, since I have iWorks and not Office) of, say, a dozen or so slides? What kind of hardware do I need to project it onto a screen from my MacBook Pro? I’m really in the dark about this sort of thing.

Also, I’d like to have a video of the talk that I could put up on YouTube and suchlike (unless I bomb, of course, but let’s assume for a moment that I won’t). It wouldn’t have to be high-res (since it’s bound for the Web) and the audio doesn’t need to be any better than reasonably clear. If you’d be interested in attending my talk and recording it, please let me know. My email link is on the home page.


So much for one bleg. Actually, I just made two, didn’t I? Oh well.

My third bleg has to do with the Mikunopolis concert scheduled for July 2nd at Anime Expo. I mentioned it in my last post. I had, of course, hoped to get get a ticket because I’m curious about how the 3D projection technology looks in person (I’ve already seen YouTube clips, and my DVD of the concert that will essentially be duplicated at AX should arrive by the end of the month). But as always seems to be the case with such things, I was too late looking into it, and the concert has been sold out for several weeks. If anyone has a spare ticket to sell to me, I will endeavor to make it worth your while. Again, my email link is on the home page.

In other significant AX news, the con announced over the weekend that Toshio Furukawa — the voice of Ataru Moriboshi — will be a guest of honor. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it to any of his appearances, but it’s always nice to see respect for the classics.