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Shameless Self-Promotion: Help Us Spread Veiled Alliances Like an Epidemic

posted Oct 14, 2015, 12:25 PM by Douglas Sun   [ updated Oct 14, 2015, 12:26 PM ]
Just a quick bit of shameless self-promotion before I head off to GMT Games Weekend (leaving tomorrow, hope to be in Hanford mid-afternoon):

I've been peppering my Facebook feed with news about our adaptation-in-app-form of Kevin J. Anderson's novella Veiled Alliances. But on the off-chance that not everyone in the world is hanging on my every post, the latest is that Apple finally cleared us into the App Store late last week, so we are finally up on iOS.  I am still irritated no end that Apple let us stew for two weeks after we released on Android, and thus dissipated all of our initial efforts at publicizing the product launch. But, like the King of Swamp Castle in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I am now willing to put that aside and not argue over who killed who,

We also have a trailer for the app up on YouTube. Please have a look and give it a little love, as I kept pushing particularly hard to get that done. Every View and Like of the trailer should help us get the support we need to finish the rest of the project as much as every install of the app helps. Positive reviews help, too, and I appreciate those that we have gotten so far. It's always exciting to know that not only are there people who enjoyed your work, and most importantly, that they get it.

So for the last several days I have been squirreling away — inasmuch as it has been possible to squirrel away at anything under the oppressive heat we've had in Los Angeles recently — at restarting our publicity efforts on behalf of  the app. But I will take a break starting tomorrow and head up to Hanford for GMT Games Weekend. I'll be partnering with Mike Lam in the annual Down in Flames team tournament on Saturday. Gene Billingsley has announced that some designers who are not among the usual suspects at this event — Volko Ruhnke (COIN series), Mitch Land (Next War series) and Mark Herman (naming just one or two of his credits won't even begin to do him justice) — and I hope to hang with all of them, at least for a bit. I'm also going to bring my own still-in-process War of 1812 card game in case anyone wants to try it out and give me some feedback.