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Soon, Only the Few Most Awesome Will Be Good Enough For Comic-Con

posted Nov 7, 2012, 2:16 PM by Douglas Sun

Comic-Con International was kind enough to remind me the other day that the deadline for re-submitting the professional credentials that have gotten me a free 4-day pass to their big show for several years now is coming up soon. I'm glad that they did, because it had been stuck in the back of my mind for the last couple of months, and I might as well take care of it now. Beats forgetting about it and missing the deadline all together.

Kimberly Unger, who has a longer history of getting into San Diego Comic-Con with a Professional courtesy badge than I do, is unconcerned about the process. But I can't help but worry a little, as re-submitting credentials implies a degree of uncertainty. Mostly, I'm spooked by the statements in the application packet that there may not be enough Professional passes for all qualified applicants this year. Every year since I started going to Comic-Con, it seems, they have squeezed Professional attendees a little tighter. They cut back on the number of free guest passes you could get. Then they cut back on the number of paid guest passes you could buy. Now, they're saying that even if you're perfectly qualified under their rules, you may not get a free pass.

I understand why they're squeezing. Every year Comic-Con finds itself in a logistical vise, and it just seems to be getting tighter. Even though attendance seemed down just a bit this past year, they're still experiencing crushing demand from the general public. With space limited and so many people desperate to give them $175 for a 4-day pass, why should they set aside a huge lot of them for freeloaders like me? If current trends do not abate, there will come a time when no one less famous than Kevin Smith or Stan Lee will get a Professional pass — meaning, of course, that only Kevin Smith and Stan Lee will get Professional passes to Comic-Con at that point.

I have a feeling that we're seeing this process at work now, which is why I'm actually kind of worried that my credentials will be rejected this year, upon consideration, and that I'll be getting an email regretfully informing that, in their view, being Bushi-go's Co-Founder and IP Wrangler lacks sufficient awesome to get me past the velvet rope.