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Veiled Alliances, Wormhole Riders, SVCC and Self-Promotion by Promoting Someone Who Promoted You

posted Mar 29, 2016, 11:19 PM by Douglas Sun
As I mentioned here, I  enjoyed meeting Kenn Weeks of Wormhole Riders News Agency at Silicon Valley Comic Con and recording an interview with him. Kenn Tweeted about the interview on the spot, and the full video went up on their site earlier today.

Normally, I flinch from watching or listening to recordings of myself — heck, I have 5 year-old footage of my Gen Con talk on anime and gaming that I've never reviewed — but morbid curiosity compelled me in this case. I was hoping that they could edit out my cotton-mouth stumble at the beginning, but other than that it went well. Kim was her usual smooth and agile self, and I managed to keep up my best behavior for the rest of the interview. That's me with the charm and salesmanship dialed up to 11, such as I am.

Again, many thanks to Wormhole Riders for giving Bushi-go a promotional shot in the arm, and for promoting this blog by linking to it in their post. Let's all navigate to that post through the link above, then back to here through their link, over and over again — we'll create a feedback loop that will drive Google Analytics up a wall!😀